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AMULETS The amulets or votive tablets of Phichit are very popular. The votive tablets are said to be found in the area of the ancient town and most of them are of Sukhothai Period. The votive tablets are named after their places and appearances, for example, Phra Phichit Ketkot,Phra Phichit Met Khaomao, Phra Phichit Bai Makham, Phra Phichit Tin Do, Phra Phichit Kru Malako. Among consecreated coin, the favourite one of the amulet fonders is the bronze coin of Luang Po Ngoen,Wat Chang Khlan, which has been believed to provide safety and begin proof against weapons.

MIXED TAMARIND Mixed tamarind it is a well-known gift from Phichit. It is inexpensive in price and available at all souvenir shops or the original shop on the way to Bung Si Fai.

WOVEN CLOTH OF BAN PA DAENG It is a thai traditional woven cloth of cotton and silk in different colors. Its price is much cheaper than the woven cloth of other provinces. With its quality, the Pa Daeng woven cloth is popular in some European countries. It is available for sale at Ban Pa Daeng Mu 1, and Mu 6, Tampon Nong Phayom, about 5 kms. from Amphoe Taphan Hin.

THA KHOI POMELO Originally grown in Ban Tha Khoi, Tambon Muang Kao over a hundred year ago, it was then brought to be planted in Amphoe Pho Prathub Chang where it has produced a good result. Nowadays, the growing area has been expanded to the districts in Phichit. The Tha Khoi pomelo is popular because it is tasty, juicy, fine grained and seedless. Normally, the fruit is marketed during October-April.

JACKFRUIT It is another product that brings celebrity to Phichit. "Taphao Kaew" is renowned and popular among the people of Phichit and neighbouring provinces. It is generally grown in Ban Dong Chaphu and Ban Wang Mai Dak, Tambon Khlong Khachen. It usually bears fruits during April-June.

SANTOL It is mostly grown in Ban Wang Tap Sai,Tambon Tha Yiam. The famous santol of Phichit is "Nim Nuan" and "Pui-Fai".Their fruits have smooth surface, fluffy white meat and sweet taste. When fully ripe, their soft peel is edible. It usually bears fruits at the beginning of June.

MANGO The famous mango of Phichit is"Pha Lun, Phet Ban Lat,and Nong Sang". Usually eaten its ripe fruits is "Nam Dok Mai". The growing area is in Tambon Tha Yiam, Amphoe Muang. The advantage of Phichit is that its mango trees bears fruits before season during February-April.

MARIAN PLUM This fruit has become famous, especially "Prang Khai" The special quailty is an egg-size fruit with delicious taste. It is mostly grown in Ban Bang Phien, Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Taphan Hin and Amphoe Pho Prathap Chang. It starts bearing fruits at the end of February.

MAFAI WAN The famous Mafai Wan of Phichit is "Rien Thong" and "Khai Tao" which have sweet taste. They are widely grown in Tambon Tapman, Amphoe Taphan Hin. Mafai Wan usually bears fruits at the beginning of April.


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