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The Central Regions of Thaiand Central (22) ...>>
Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
- Ayutthaya
- Kanchanaburi
- Petchaburi : Cha Am
- Prachuap : Hua Hin
The Eastcoast of Thailand Eastcoast (4) ...>>
- Chonburi : Pattaya
- Rayong : Ko Samet
- Trat : Ko Chang
The South of Thailand South (14) ...>>
Phuket International Airport Phuket : Patong
Domestic Krabi : Ko Phi Phi
Domestic Suratthani
Domestic Koh Samui
The North of Thailand North (17) ...>>
Chiang Mai Internat Chiang Mai
Domestic Chiang Rai
Domestic Mae Hong Son : Pai
The Northeast of Thailand Northeast (19) ...>>
- Khorat
Domestic Ubon Rachathani
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Beach and Islands of Thailand Sea Zone >>
- Beaches
- Islands
- Marine National Park
- Scuba Diving
National Park of Thailand Highland Zone >>
- National Park
- Waterfall
- Fauna & Flora
Artifact Historical Site Artifact Zone >>
- Historical Site
- Palace
- Temple
Adventure in Thailand Adventure Zone >>
- Elephant Riding
- Water Sport
- Kayaking / Canoeing
- Cruising
- Rock Climbing
- Goft
Night Life and Theme Parks Attraction Zone >>
- Night Life
- Theme Parks
- Zoo
Shopping Place in Thailand Shopping >>
- Weekend Market
- Shopping Street
- Local Products
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2. February
3. March
4. April
5. May
Raining Season 6. June
7. July
8. August
9. September
10. October
winter in Thailand 11. November
12. December

          The Thai people originated in the vast region of Southeast China, south of the Yangtze Valley. where they founded the independent Kingdom of Nanchao in AD 650. In AD 1253, Kublal Khan's hordes conquered Nanchao; a mass migration took place southward into the area once called Siam and now known as Thailand. These Thai migrants settled in the fertile Chao Phraya River valley where they founded Sukhothai Capital City of the first integrated Thai Kingdom. Sukhothai has rightly been named the "cradle of Thai civilization". The most important Sulkhothai
Ruler was the national hero, King Rama Khamheng (1277-1317) who, incidentally, introduced the Thai alphabet. In AD 1350, King Rama Tibodi (prince of U-Thong) formed a new dynasty and established his capital at Ayutthaya. Thirty-three King ruled for the next 417 years until Ayutthaya fell to the Burmese in 1767 and was almost totally destroyed. A General, Phaya Tak Sin, managed to escape with 500 followers. Within a year, he was crowned King and raised a force sufficient to drive out the invaders of Ayutthaya. He established his capital at Thonburi (across the flyer form the
Bangkok of today.) King Tak Sin was succeeded by one of his Generals, Chao Phraya Chakri, Founder of the present Chakri Dynasty, who. As king pra Buddha Yod Fah chulaloke (Raeria I) established his capital at Bangkok proper in 1782. The present king in H.M. Bhurnibol Adulyadej, (RamaIX). Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, with sovereign power, which originates from the people.

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